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Malta, a jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. More than a million tourists visit Malta each year, it is best known for its heritage, climate, beaches, breathtaking landscapes, food and much much more.

If you are visiting Malta for a holiday during the very hot summer months, one may cool off by the beach. Many many beaches exist in Malta both sandy and rocky. A few of the many are Ghadira Bay, Golden Bay, Delimara and Paradise Bay. These beaches are very easy to get to, either by bus or by taxi from anywhere around Malta.

Furthermore, in summer, there are many events going on organized by the government and local organizations and companies. These events include Wine Festivals, Beer Festival, Chocolate Festival and the International Food Festival.

Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is very rich in history. It is a busy city famous for shopping, cafeterias, restaurants, Cathedrals and the monti which is an open-air market consisting of many stands with a variety of clothes, shoes, souvenir, make up and Maltese traditional food such as Nougat.

It is important to mention that Malta is an archipelago made up of Gozo, Comino and Filfla. One may get to Gozo by using the ferry which takes only 25 minutes. The ferry operates continuously throughout the summer months and on an hourly schedule during the winter months. Gozo is best known for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Popular accommodation in Gozo include apartments, villas and farmhouses in Gozo. Visitors of this small island should go to Citadel, which is a very old city with breathtaking views of Gozo. Also Dwejra, where there is the famous Azure Window, a natural arch which formed after two caves collapsed. Diving enthusiasts may explore the wonderful sea life at Dwejra Bay. One cannot mention Gozo without mentioning its restaurants, specializing in fresh local fish and seafood.

One of the busy towns in Malta is St Julians, widely known with the younger generation for Paceville. Paceville can be described as a miniature size town consisting mostly of clubs, bars and fast food. St Julians is made up of various restaurants where most of them specialize in local food such as fried rabbit and rabbit stew and ricotta filled ravioli. From St Julians one may get to Sliema which is a nice long walk on the promenade.Without a doubt the Sliema promenade consists of various restaurants where you can stop and eat, cafeterias if you would rather have a cold beverage and a light snack such as Hobz biz-zejt which is a tradition sandwich made with (among other ingredients) tuna, olives, local goat cheese, capers or even cool yourself down at a gelateria for a delicious ice cream or even sit on a bench facing the Mediterranean Sea breathing in fresh air.

When in Malta, one must grasp the opportunity to swim with dolphins at the Marine Park. This is a unique experience for everyone to enjoy the dolphin show or even swim with the dolphins and interact with them. Professional carers and animators are always on duty and therefore even children can attend.

Speaking of children, Popeye Village, previously used as a film set for the movie Popeye has become one of the main tourist attractions in Malta. The name speaks for itself, as it is a village based on the life of Popeye the sailor. One may participate in animations, activities, swimming and even walk through the village and take the most beautiful photos that will bring alot of lovely and funny memories to every family who visits this village.

Recently, Malta has built its own National Aquarium with a very wide variety of fish ranging from sea life from the Mediterranean Sea to sea life inhabiting the Indian Ocean. The National Aquarium is found along the promenade of Qawra, which has by time become known as a touristy area due to the number of bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos built in this area.

Maltese people are helpful and generous. They welcome tourists from all over the world with open arms. Maltese people are

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